About Me

What you can find in my offer is a brimming with beauty and emotions diary of your wedding day, captured in a natural way.

I appreciate facts and am not too fond of abstraction. I always try my best to make the truth of my shots get formed on the level of basic, interpersonal relations.

…I feel that collecting material in the first place means reaching people and creating situation in which I am the most absent person of all and they are most natural – the words of R. Kapuściński, master of reportage, but an outstanding photographer at the same time, are my motto.

My reporter’s experience gained while working for Irish newspaper Imokilly People as well as Polish music magazine Demo shaped my interests in reportage photography. Long experience in typesetting and graphics composition while working for Polish publishers (WP and PWN), newspapers (Gazeta Wyborcza) and advertising companies helps me arrange and feel the frame and achieve unique results in my photographs.

In my daily work I focus mainly on portrait and family photography as well as the functional. I have a fully equipped photo studio.

Perfectionism and professionalism, creativity and attention to detail, enthusiasm and energy, and positive relation with my customers are all qualities which
I have made my standard.

Welcome to cooperation with me